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go us...

We just smoked up a little..its this new weird stuff thats apparently not illegal. go us...Its a little weird, like i can feel it but its not really there. We tried it yesterday too but it didnt work. got it in the village yesterday. we went to go look around with annie. she was supposed to come over today but she got in trouble for getting home late yesterday. dude, shes 19 and shes getting in trouble for being home late? no comment yo...

ive been feeling ok lately. i'm taking celexa now...hopefully it will work cause the prozac sure as hell didnt. after i cut last time vito got upset so i hate doing it now but i know that wont make me stop. i just dont know how to explain it to him that its all i can do. i mean he is ok with it to a point...but i know it hurts him.

I'm so hungry...we have no money and no food. go us...

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