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the day has been TOOOOO freakin long

I cant survive the rest of this week. it cant only be tuesday. I couldnt sleep all night last night. I finally fell asleep an hour before i had to get up. i was like FORGET IT. so i slept through my class. i didnt want to...but it happened. and it sucked cause i did my homework too!!! ARGH!!! so i went to one class which was ok.

then i hung out with Josh the rest of the day (lol hes my RA) but hes way cool. him me and Andrea, a girl down the hall i made friends with, just hung out and talked and looked at everyones room and clothes. lol that was fun.

eeppp 4 more days till 3 doors down. 5 days till Flickerstick!!!
"Get outta here girl, I'm butt ass naked."- Dominic

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