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...i wont unless you want me to...

Today I woke up kinda sad. i dont know why, maybe cause people kept me up all night banging outside our door. i hate my side of the room for that...But then Vito came over and cheered me up and i felt better in like 5 seconds. i love when that happens.

for the rest of the day i guess i jsut sat around and did nothing. i tried to clean but got as far as the dishwasher...then i took a shower cause annie was comming over. we watched Riding in cars with boys...which was really long but really good. i really like brittany murphey. then annie left and here i am...

Vito is doing his own thing and i am just feeling like total shit. why? i have no idea. i just feel totally depressed. maybe its cause he doesnt want to have sex with me ever again unless its with another girl? could that POSSIBLY make me depressed????? fuck.

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  • i hate the superbowl.

    someone kill me now. vito is making me watch the superbowl.

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    tomorrow is my last day of college classes...ever. holy shit.

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