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yesterday Kinga calls me at like 1:30am and says she is in the city and wants us to come out with them. And this is like so amazing cause i havent seen this girl in like a year and she is one of my best friends. So we went to meet her at a diner and we met three of her other friends. we hung out there for a while and laughed and talked like we always do. we reminiced about all the times we got so drunk when she came to visit. Then we went to this apartment they were staying at and hung out there for a while. We wanted her to come back with us and go drinking or something but she said she was coming back monday and then we would hang out. I cant wait! i always have so much fun with her.

Today we woke up crazy late cause i was so depressed i didnt even want to get up at all. but annie called and wanted to hang out, so reluctantly i said yes. then i changed my mind but Vito called and told her we would just go get coffee for like an hour, and then we could talk to her about stuff that was bothering us and the relationship. Then my sister, jensen and her friend Lily came over. I was surprised and it was so good to see them. We hung out and talked for a while, then we went to Dunkin Donuts and got stuff. We walked them home and then annie vito and i went to the coffee shop we usually go to. We talked about how i felt about the whole sex thing, and that i didnt really want a relationship with her beyond friends, but we could still fool around if she wanted. and i guess it all turned out ok...i just dont want anybody to get hurt...

All my friends went back to school today. i was thinking about that all morning. Maybe thats why i was so depressed. Id be there now if i was going back...i sometimes wish i was. no, i always do...but i want to be with Vito more...

Tomorrow i might go to my sisters house cause its my neices birthday. i dont really want to go but i will probably end up having to go. I just feel like doing nothing and i dont feel like sitting around there all day. its not that i dont like going, its just that i dont realy feel up to it...

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