Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

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Once again we managed to wake up at the most retarded hour of the night. So now we are stuck at home i guess. I decidednot to go to my sisters house. i feel bad but i really wasnt up for it. it was a relief not to go...

i wanted to maybe hang out with jensen and lily (i decided shes the prettiest girl i have ever met) tonight and watch donnie darko but they are out, and my life sux. haha

Tomorrow i might go to some music festival in the village with Vito and Annie (irk). it sounds fun but once you think i wont be depressed in the morning so i can get up out of bed??? hopefully.

Cristina said something shitty to me yesterday and both of us are kinda upset about it. When you say someone is notinvited to a party maybe you should give them a valid reason instead of "because they are not comfortable with him", what is that supposed to mean? and hes my boyfriend so how do you think that makes me feel? And was i supposed to lie to him when i go? i just dont know. i guess i have to talk to jen about it and straighten it out...

so now i guess i am gonna go read my book that is just taking me too long to get through cause i am writing everything down that i find interesting in it...but i guess its helping me. i havent cut for like a week now. yippee.

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