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yes we like the rain =)

So i thought i would be left wiht nothing to fo tonight, but my savior came though!! go jensen!!! go lily!!! lol. anyway they came over and we watched Cecil B. Demented. It was a cool movie. Then we went to DTUT again for like the millions time. but i love it soooo much. We got smores and it was so fun. It was really good to hang out with them. i Had so much fun. I wish Lily wasnt going back so soon because i think we all would have such a good time together if she lived here. Tomorrow we are all going to some music festival in the village. i hope its good.

I have this sore spot on my foot that really hurts cause we walked home from jens house and i was wearing my big 'goth' shoes so now i am paying for it. haha...

sometimes things can be so frustrating...

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