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what the fuck is going on???

yesterday i went to the spit east festival with Vito and Annie. i wasnt gonna go at first cause i was tired, and Vito was being a little difficult. But we went and i had a great time. We heard a bunch of great girl poets and singers. Then w came home and Lily and Jensen came over. We were gonna watch a movie but it was too late so we just went to dtut. we had a couple fondues lol. they were so good. i had a really great time hanging out with them. I talked to jen a little about my situation and i guess i realized a few things that upset me. Today i feel a little weid about it...It was great getting to know lily though.

tonight we might go out again. maybe to dtut cause lily loves it so mch, or to dunkin donuts cause jensen is tired. i was supposed to go eat diner with my parents but i didint really want to, so i never called them. i also wanted to do something with vito but he is buisy with his things.

Today was the first day of classes at UB. that got me kind of depressed. I wish i was there...i slept all day cause i jsut wanted to sleep forever. I just wish tonight i could go hang out with josh and andrea and the rest of the gang...but i cant cause i am here. i hate being stuck in something so long. being here this long is starting to depress me. i liked staying one place in the summer, then going back to school. changes...i thought i hated them but i guess sometimes i need them...

i wish i was pretty...

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