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love baby yeah!

Yesterday was a pretty fun day for the most part. Kinga came kinda late but it was ok cause Vito was tired so he got a chance to sleep. that way he would hang out with us more. So she came over at around 7. We talked for a while then we went out to eat. We went to this retarded restaurant called Googies. the food was not that great and the service was pretty bad. we caused a scene cause we just didnt care. it was pretty fun. i havent laughed like that in a long time. thats what i love about her... anyway, on our way hom we got alcohol and then we went back to our place to get drunk. We dranla little and then decided it would be fun to go to my parents house since they were not there. On our way there we stopped at CVS for like an hour and i finally had someone to look at the girly stuff with. Then we went to my parents house and we started to get drunk and talk...we started talking about Vito and my sister and we got inot how he flirts with them, and then he got upset so he went into the bedroom to sleep. i felt really bad because i knew he feltlike i was being too harsh. Kinga was asking me about us arguing and i felt like we were just haveing a discussion, but he felt like i was over the i felt really bad...but then ithink maybe he realizes that what he does soemtimes is not that i said to him, the truth hurts. anyway, then kinga decided she wanted to go to sleep so once again i was stuck all alone sitting around while everyone slept around me. so i decided i didnt want to put up with that, so i woke them up. they were pretty good about it. Vito seemed a little cheered up, i know he was trying reweally hard. so we drank some more...having a contest to see who could finish fastest...vito drank a lot and got drunk hehe...well semi-drunk lol...and then we talked alot about stuff like crasy things we have done. Then i got hungry so we decided to go to the diner. We talked about love and feelings and all that. i decided i know why Vito has a hard time with feelings and love. i was reading about being emotionally unintelligent. it usually happens when growing up, kids are not aloud to express emotions, and they are abused verbally and physically and all that and then thee emotions dont develop properly... and so thats why he has a hard time with it. it makes sense really. ANyway, after that we came home and Vito and i fooled around (finally) god its been too long. and that was completely amazing...and then we went to 9am.

so now i am getting ready so we can go see Kinga again. who knows what today will bring...

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