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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
nobody wants me... 
1st-Sep-2002 01:18 am
SO Vito called annie anyway...she was mad we called so late...she should be happy we called her at all. we are the ones doing her a favor if you ask me...So she came over and Vito went to take a shower cause he wanted to fool around. Then we watched Queen of the Damned, which sooooo wasnt as good as i though it would be. It was hot though. very erotic hehe. ANyway, we finished the movie and it was like 1:40 so Annie had to leave...and then Vito goes to his side of the room. I'm like, why dont you wanna hang out with me. he said he has things to do. ANd i am like, i thought you just said you were horny, and the movie turned you on. ANd he doesnt answer me. if she was here he would have fooled around...i mean i understand his need for two girls and all that, but am i that bad? is it so horrible to just be with me? its like all of a sudden he doesnt have two girls, so hes turned off. god i wish i could be two girls for him. i wish that more than anything...

so now i am watching the real world, which is on cbs for some reason...lol and eating cookies...and eating and eating and eating. ugh. and its like crap...and i am still hungry. what the fuck.

so i booked my flight to Buffalo. I asked Vito one last time if he wanted to come and he said no. well, i'll have fun anyway. i wonder if he'll get together with her without me. Now i just want to go back to sleep. forever i wish. and i wish i wasnt so fat and ugly. and that someone would want me...
Felix- to the left
1st-Sep-2002 08:39 am (UTC)
he is such a scum :/. god he doesnt even DESERVE you. you arent fat and ugly either. so shut up. stop saying that. i see what and who you are. and you are a beautiful person who deserves so much more than what youre given. you need to get a good job and get the fuck out of there.
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