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Nothing much has been going on in terms of big huge things lol. We did our laundry finally. that was a hassle, but kinda fun today. we went to dunkin donuts but they didnt have my coolatta so i had to get some baskin robins thing. that was good too. Then we came back home and we lay down for a while. We listened to the Paul Simon cd that i love, and Vito sang to me =) He was stressing out a lot about getting things done today. i feel so bad because he works himself up, and i jsut want to help calm him down, but i feel like i can never do anything and it frustrates me. But i think after we hung out he felt better. then we slept for like the rest of the day cause once again i didnt sleep the night before. i think we just totally reversed our days. i sleep during the day and i am up at night. i think i really am a vampire hehe...not kidding.

so we woke up at like 3am and i just took a shower. now i think we are gonna go food shopping cause we really havent gone for like a month and a half....

ive been working on a new webpage. i still havent finished the others but i can never just stick to one. everytime i get a new idea i just make a new one hehe. when its done i'll put up the link. let me just warn have to have an open mind cause some people may get offended =) yep, thats me...

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