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crackheads unite...

We rented blade 2 yesterday...with the intention of watching it at night...vito wanted to invite annie over. i really didnt but you know how that is. But we ended up sleeping instead so that never happened. We also went to Bed bath and Beyond to get a few long needed things for the house. i also got one of those chocolate orange thingies. hehe.

My mom called and said they might be going ot jersey again this weekend. I want to go so bad but Vito doesnt, and this weekend is our 6 month anniversary which we want to do something special for, so i dont want to be apart from him. SHe also told me that i got a letter for jury duty and i have to go in sept 23rd. ugh. i fucking hate that. does anyone know ho wmuch you get paid? that will be the only good thing. i wish i could leave the country so i wouldnt have to do that. id be biased anyway. i would go with the lawyer that was cuter like on The Practice. teehee. Anywa, yeah, thats about it. I woke up depressed but Vito came over to cuddle with me and i felt much better. a little thing like that can change my whole mood for the day....

i just got a letter from UB saying that I will not longer be affiliated with UB in 13 days. i probably should have called my advisor about that. i should do it tomorrow or i am TOTALLY screwed beyond belief. ugh, i hate the pressure.

good luck in school kids...seniors, holy fuck...

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