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nothings like it used to be

tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary. half a he said he doesnt make a big deal out of anniversaries(why am i not surprised)...well i do. i think they are special and romantic. Anyway, i just want it to go well.

we watched tv this morning. he came over and cuddled with me. i could tell he was making a real effort. it was nice. afterwards he got depressed and went to sleep. I hate not being able to help him. i hate that he wont listen to me or take my advice. i know its annoying to him but maybe if he tried it atleast once, he would see a difference...i dunno.

tonight we might go to a goth club called the batcave. i really hope we go cause last night was a bust. and we really have to find our crowd. hopefully annie wont come, and hopefully we can find some kind of drugs.eeeeeeee <3

anyway, i feel kinda shitty and down, but no more than usual so i guess thats a plus. my family went to jersey yesterday. i really wanted to go. oh well. tuesday i am going to buffalo. i am really nervous. i wish i wasnt staying for so long.

time to go look at the porn...teehee

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