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off i go to buffalo...

So yesterdays anniversary was pretty freakin great. we hung out all day and he held my hand, and cuddled with me and everything!! everything ive always wanted. We took the tram to roosevelt island, which was pretty cool cause i have never been on the tram. We were so high up and it was kinda scary but it reminded me of six flags hehe. we walked around there a little and took pictures. it was so nice to hang out with him and talk, and everything just be worry free and nice. And he said he wasnt gonna look at any girls or say anything about them cause it was my day today =) that touched me...i found that because of that i was lookin at girls more than he was hehe. Then we came back home and he was really tired so he was gonna go to sleep but we watched Now and Then instead, which is like one of my favorite movies. Then we watched Angel and the wedding singer. we were gonna go out to eat but it was kinda late and vito wasnt feeling well, so he went to bed. we were gonna go out later but i felt bad waking him up. so i just went to bed for the night. it was such a great day though. it made me really happy.

today we woke up fairly on time...before 12!! hehe...we went to subway and vito got all dressed up cause we were going to a temp agency so he could look for a job. he was gonna go alone but he asked me to go along =) so we went down there and took care of that stuff. it was a pretty cool experience. then we walked around times square a little. we talked about financial stuff and i felt bad cause i feel like he is paying so much for the both of us and he feels like hes never gonna get it back. i know i will pay him back no matter what but i think its hard for him to realize that since so many people have screwed him over in the past. Anyway, these people were on the street selling these beautiful watched and he got me one =) its so nice!!! then we went to starbucks and looked at all the pretty girls. then we came home and now he is sleepin.

I am gonna go dye my hair streaks, then annie is comin over to fool around. then i have to go to my parents house to ask them for money cause i am going to buffalo tomorrow. i am soooo excited. and i am glad that i am going but i am gonna miss vito so much. he actually said he wished i wasnt going cause he was gonna miss me so much and be depressed. i told him to call me if that happens. i dont want to leave him here either but i know it will be good for us. i know he will like the alone time =) and when i come back it willbe better. i am so excited to see josh and andrea. i feel like i havent seen them in a million years. yipeee!!!

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