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Just got back from Buffalo today. A lot happened that i need to think about before i write down. But i came to many realizations. All in all it helped a lot. it was like a closure to many uneasy feelings. And i am happy to be here with Vito. what i have here, now, i think is better. He came to pick me up from the airport, which was totally sweet because he said he missed me and wanted to come get me. originally my parents were supposed to come get me. it was just one of the few sweet things he did for me that he actually thought of himself...that came out worse than i meant it too lol. but anyway, i was just sooo happy to see him and i could see he was happy to see me too =)

tonight we might go see donnie darko with jensen, shannon and annie (ugh) i feel like we are hanging out with her to make her feel better. and i know vito will want to hook up with her again. but i kinda just want to do it with him first since i just go back. i am his girlfriend after all...:-\

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