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where to begin...well, yesterday i was just sitting around, not feeling all that great. Vito was sleeping and the phone rang. SO he got up and said we had to go cause the health insurance lady wont be there tomorrow and we have to do this as soon as we can. so i had to get myself up and get ready and go. which sucked. but i am glad we got out. we went to my parents house to pick up a few things. only my dad was there. i felt bad but we had to leave quick. SO we took care of that, and then we walked around a little. we went to starbucks for a while and got caramel frappucinos. Vito really likes them now. he lickes out all the whipped cream and caramel first.its so cute. we walked through times square so we could get to the library. we stopped at a few places and looked around. this guy stopped us and gave us tickets to last call with carson daley. the guests were chris maloney from svu and some singer names amerie. we went to the mid manhattan library first to drop off some books. i found some that were on my reading list. i was so excited. I was really tired by then, but Vito wanted to walk back to times square so he could mark it off on his map. then we got to rockafellar center, which he had never seen before, and we went to see carson daley. it was pretty cool. we were on the ground floor so we were pretty close. that was the first time i went to a live telivision taping. it was interesting to see how things worked. after that, it was dark out so we just walked around rockafellar center a little. we met this girl that we saw once on the subway. it was pretty cool to see her. on our way back we stopped at wendys again and sat there for a while talking and having fun. then we came home... all in all it was a pretty fun day and we got a lot of things done.

I was feeling so sick when i got home though. i had a fever and a sore throat, and it was getting worse. I lay down and put on the tv and third watch was on so i got real excited. During all that, Vito''s drug guy called so he wanted to go to the village and see if he was there. i really felt like iw as gonna die but i didnt want him to go alone, and i wanted to be with him. so i got myself up and went. we walked around for a while but we couldnt find him anywhere so we just came back home. i was feeling a little better, and i wanted to fool around a little with vito, but he didnt really feel up to it. i got upset because i told him that if he wanted it, it didnt matter how tired i was, i would do it for him cause iknew it would make him happy. i guess that was a little unfair, but i felt like was being selfish. so i got upset anf just went to bed and so did he.

I woke up today and i was still kinda upset, but it wasnt a big deal so i jsut wanted to let it go, but Vito braught it up again and started this whole arguement thing about it. so i got real upset and went back to bed. he was doing things around the house, then he got a phone call from jonathan, which he didnt tell me about, and then ha just left. i was so upset at that point cause he was treating me like shit for no reason. anyway, i cant write anymore cause i am just too upset. why does everything have to be such a drama. it was all going so well...

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