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fuck the whole entire world

today i woke up kinda bummed. Vito came over to lay with me in the middle of the night so that made me feel better. when he came to lay with me again though, it just felt so empty. its cause he didnt really want to. and he hardly even talked to me. oh well. he gota lot of stuff done today so thats good. so i woke up and just sat around like a big loser. i really hate myself. i dont do anything ever and i am like this huge waste of space. i couldnt even bring myself to do anything...

so i redyed my hair and showered, then i got dressed and we went to wendy's again. god i love those frosties. Then we went to the hospital to check out if we could get a free psychiatrist or something. Vito was worried they would see our arms and say something.i guess i was kinda nervouse too but i covered it up pretty well. The lady there looked at us like we were from another planet cause vito was all grungy and i was all punked out with my red hair. i am so tired of people treating me like they are better than me. sorry i'm not an upstanding citizen of the united fucking states. i hate it when they look at me like i am a piece of shit. like i really need that in the condition i am in already. fuckers.

anyway, we came back and vito went to sleep. he gets me aggitated because hes always telling me to talk louder when i am on my side of the room cause he can never hear me, and then when i do he gets mad at me cause he says iam yelling at him. i cant fuckin win.

so tell me...why am i here again??????

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