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sometimes when it cant get any gets better. i reeally thought i was going to die. i really wanted to. i'm kinda glad i didnt. Vito woke up and asked me if i wanted to go to dunkin donuts with him. so we went and i finally got a chance to talk to him about how i felt. so we decided that i wasnt gonna leave, and he wasnt going to break up with me. big relief. i love him sooo much. leaving him would break my heart beyond repair...leaving him without trying. i mean, i know eventually one day it might happen and it will be better to go out seperate ways...but i dont want to just give up knowing that i didnt put everything i could, into it. so for now we are good. i need to give him more space, and try to be more sensitive towards annie, and not cry so much. i can do two out of the for the crying...well i am too depressed on a regular basis not to do that but god i will try. i want this to work so much. i know we haev sooo many good things to offer eachother. we can give eachother everything weve ever wanted if we just work at it. i know it.

i love you baby...
xoxo csilla

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