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Jury duty sucked big boobies...but it was ok i guess. i got there at 8:30 and sat around for a million hours. i called vito for a little bit and talked to him about stuff. he was upset cause his appointment didnt go well. and then he thought his dad and brother were coming cause they want to brin ghim home. he said they would just drag him we cant answer our door for a while. i feel so bad for him that he has to deal with this. anyway, i finally got called in at like 12 but they didnt pick me for the main jury box. it was something about drugs and whatnot so i already knew this was not the case for me. We went to lunch from 1-2:30 and then came back. he asked if anyone had a problem with questions hes asked so far and i told him i might be biased cause i have a strong opinion about drugs and how they should be legalized, so he said i could go but i have to be back tomorrow at 10. atleast its later.

After that Vito met me at the courthouse and we walked around the financial district or along time "exploring" i love doing that with him. we saw all these cool building and there is this one section on Anne street near teh wtc site where the sky, the coloring, the clouds always look so beautiful. i love how he looks at everything and reads everything. he really wants to know about all these things that i never noticed before him. On our way home we stopped at blockbuster and got a ew movies but now we are too tired to watch them. We ordered pizza cause we were both so hungry. so now vito is reading cause he really likes the book i lent him. and i am doing this. then we are both going to sleep and then later waking up to watch the movie. hehe. i had such a great time with him today.

i watched the emmys yesterday...not all the way through cause they sucked so bad. i ended up watching parts of hackers and armageddon instead lol. I also finally got to see the smallville season finale, and i watched star trek with vito. i love watching that with him cause i know he loves that so much and he can share that with me. plus its kinda cool. lol i never thought id say that about star trek.

i hope tomorrow is as good as today was. maybe this can keep happening...

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