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love is just a place to put your dick...or is it.

yeah, its all peachy keen.i love my fucking life (not)

Its been a couple birthday was ok. Vito and i went to kinkos to scan some pics for personals sites. that was fun. i love the rain. then we went to get some hot chocolate cause i thought i was gonna freese to death. this was all from like 1am-6am lol. then we went to sleep hehe. we woke up pretty late and didnt do much. Vito just wanted to go back to sleep until we had to go to my parents house. SO i got ready, then we left. he got dressed up all nice and looked so hot. i wanted to jump him right there lol. so we went to diner at olive garden. it was pretty cool for times square. Vito got me a pina colada and then my dad went and bought one for my sister lol. i guess he didnt know there was alcohol in it. ANyway, diner was fun, but vito was starting to get tired. i guess i got a little upset cause he promised since he slept so much all day, that he would be up for the night and we could go out after hours. so we went back to my parents house and i opened presents and talked to my parents for a while. Vito tried to sleep on the couch. i thought he was comfortable there so i talked a little longer. then josh and andrea called and i talked to them for a little bit. But Vito was getting upset so i had to hurry and hang up with them so we could go. then he got all mad at me cause he said i wasnt trying to leave, i was taking my time. i got upset cause i was going as fast as i could cause i knew he was upset. anyway, he like started an arguement on the way home and he was just being so unfair. we gothome and he was like forget it i just want to sleep, so i started crying cause i couldnt believe this was happening, today of all days. so then annie called and he decided he wasnt tired anymore so he invited her over. i really didnt want to, but i knew that was the only way he would be with me, so i said fine. right away he was like all over her and i'm just like..."ookaay..." so we fooled around pretty quick...most of the time on her, i was just like a quicky, and then get to the important stuff. he wasnt even paying attention to me when he was doing it with me...whatever. so i was upset and i kinda just wanted the day to be over cause now i really ahte birthdays, and i wanted to go to sleep. so annie finally left...that girl just doesnt take a hint...and then i dont remember, i think we talked a little and then just went to bed. i really wanted to sleep with him but he felt uncomfortable, and he was upset cause he felt bad about how he acted.

so we wake up and he is still depressed, and of course i feel like a big waste cause i cant even help him. We decided to go out a little cause maybe that would cheer him up. we walked around a bit and then went back home. he was still depressed so he went back to sleep. when he woke up we watched a movie called the man who cried. it was ok. kinda sucked. we went to a coffee place after that which was pretty cool. i love that place and i was glad that he wanted to go hang out with me. but he brought his stuff to read and kinda didnt want to talk to me, so i just kinda looked around at all the people. we came home and he read a little and went back to sleep. he woke up again and read a little more, then we watched clockstoppers, which was pretty cool. then he went to read again, but for like two days i just want him so bad and i just want to be with him, and he absolutely does not. i kinda layed around waiting for him and wanting him but i knew nothing was gonna happen. then finally he was just like "your not gonna be happy until you get it are you." and it wasnt so much that as the "loving and wanting someone so bad and you cant have them and thats the most hurtful thing" but he didnt understand. so he just wanted me to get ontop of him right then and there, which of course i just cannot do. so hes like forget i dont want any of this girly kissy stuff and he said he was getting aggitated and annoyed and just wanted to go to sleep. so i got upset cause it was bad enough he didnt want to do it with me in the first place, but then he says he will and i get all excited, and then he tells me forget fucked up. so i wanted to go and cut really bad cause i was crying and i couldnt stop, but i cut bangs for myself instead. lol. they look really cute.

today is my sisters birthday, i got her this really cute star wars shirt. i hope she likes it.

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