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Yesterday vito went out to get me milk, and he came back with milk and flowers for me. it was the most beautiful thing in the world. we layed down for a while and watched x-files, colony/end favorite episodes. and he really liked them. he wants to watch the whole thing from the beginning with me now. and he told me that he had a feeling things were going to work out once we got everything together and he is glad that i saw that even when he couldnt. and now i am so happy cause thats all i wanted to hear. and these are the times i know its worth it. after that he helped me fill out applications and stuff.

we went to bed at 10am and woke up at 4. we were gonna go look for jobs for me, but we were just way too tired. we slpet some more and then watched buffy, which was really awsome. the ending was SO good.

tomorrow vito has an interview with a job place which is absolutely amazing. and i am gonna go do my stuff too. then i have to go to my parents house cause i need to get stuff and just hang out with them. my sister missed buffy so i am gonna bring the tape over so we can watch it together. i know she needs that.

i just want it to all work out

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