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we finally went shopping yesterday. we got lots of good stuff, and starbucks icecream. yum. then vito did his time sheetfor a million hours. shopping made him feel better cause he was so depressed. but then we got into kinda an arguement about...well something personal, and then we just went to bed.After a while i couldnt sleep i was so aggitated and upset, then he is like "are you awake?" and he apologizes and tells me to come over there and we do it. which is always nice. so that was great but i still couldnt sleep. finally i fall asleep at 9am. so my whole day is shot. And now vito is super depressed. he doesnt even want to wake up or get out of bed or anything. and i dont know what to do. i always wish there was something i could do but i can never figure out what. i just know that i cent let him down now cause he is counting on me. i have to take care of him too, like he takes care of me. i just wish i knew more of what to do. i wish i didnt have to see him lie there with no life in his beautiful eyes.

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