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i love you <3

today went so well. everything went so smoothly, so was almost perfect. and that happens just about...never. I couldnt sleep all night which really sucked. once again i was supposed to get up and go out to give in job apps. but i fell asleep around 10 cause i went to vito's bed, which just helps me sleep for some reason. especially in his presence. so we wake up around 4 and he wants to go but i really cant cause i am way too tired and look like shit. so he goes and takes the laundry. i decided to get up and go help him. i love doing laundry with him. i dont know why, its just so much fun. so we did that, ate at subways, then came back home. we watched some tv (third watch was sooo good!!) and then vito was gonna go to sleep but we decided to play cards instead. we played for a long time (i was kickin his ass!! lol) and then my mom calls to remind me about the counceling appointement i have tomorrow. i was sooo upset cause i really wanted vito to come and she didnt want him to. He knows me better than anyone else and i know he could explain a lot of things to the psychologist that i probably couldnt. and i really didnt just want to be there with my parents. what do they know anyway. so then he called my mom back and talked to her and explained everything to her, so now he is coming and that made me feel better. then we started talking about things, and trying to remember stuff from when i attempted suicide right before i met him. i checked in my journal cause around that time i remember he sent me an email telling em that i might fail the class and i got really upset. so he just wanted to know that, that didnt have anything to do with it. while i was checking, i was reading all my old entries like before i knew him and then after. and i saw that he has really helped me so much. i have come a long way from where i was back then and he has helped me through all of it. i think he really needed to know that and that made him happy, likehe was worth something. i was reading about how he made me feel like a person and omfoted me and all that, and then he just got all cuddly with me and stuff (which usually doesnt happen) and it was just such a nice moment. then just out of nowhere he pulled my chair back and went down on me.hehe. then we started to do it and ,oved to the bed..but anyway,more info then you wanted to hear...he was telling me that this was how he showed his love. he wondered why he couldnt do it other times when needed him too. I helped him work on his time sheet for a long time. then he was going to go to bed but he got started teaching me about atoms and electrons and how they work in fridges and glass and all that. lol. it was so fun and so cool to be listening to him. he is such a good teacher. i really think thats what he would be most happy doing. he just gets so happy and excited when he does then we ate a little cause i was starving, and vito played with kelvin a little. the two of them are so cute, chasing eachother and stuff. then i lay down with vito for a bit. and then he went to bed.

so now i am here, awake, but its ok i guess. i just remember how things were so perfect. and tonight it felt like that again. it was so great to see him happy the whole day, and for everything to just go so well. i cant wait till we have more days like this. we made a list of things we could change about ourselves and eachother...but if i had days like this, i would never change a thing.

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