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i reall hate my life. i feel like it is a total waste. the weekend is here and nobody wants to do anything. i am lying here totally depressed doing nothing ut watching halloween cooking shows on the food network. My medication feels like its killing me rather than helping me. its making me feel so sick and my stomach hurt so bad. and i feel like i have this ongoing headache that will never go away. i wish it would all just dissapear...

flickerstick is gonna be in the city in november, so atleast i am looking forward to that.i am probably gonna go with cristina and vito, and maybe some of her friends. hopefully my mom can get those cause i really want to go more than anything.

i'm looking forward to halloween too. we are going to the parade. i want to decorate the house with candy things so my friends and sister can come over and party. i hope that works out. i am really excited. hopefully it will be a fun night and i wont be depressed for most of it. i am probably gonna be a dark angel again. yippee.

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