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thanks Lily

=Hair Color:black and red
=Eye Color: brown
=Writing Hand: right

=Nervous Habits: biting skin around my nails, eating
=Do you bite your nails? no
=Are you double jointed? my thumbs are
=Can you roll your tongue? yep
=Can you blow spit bubbles? yeah, i forgot about those hehe
=Can you cross your eyes? nope lol

=On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet? 5 bucks if i'm lucky, but mostly just change.
=What jewelry do you wear 24/7? my cladagh ring, my black bracelets and the watch vito got me.
=Sexiest piece of clothing on a chick? thos victorias secret bras and underwear that look like little shorts, or corset dresses :) mmmmm
=Favorite Pieces of Clothing: my net shirts and my arm warmers
=Pajamas: tank top and underwear

=Do you wind your spaghetti or cut it? wind it
=Have you ever eaten Spam? hell no
=How often do you brush your teeth? lol dont ask...not enough
=How often do you shower/bathe? every other day or everyday when i feel gross lol
=How long does your shower last? 20 minutes
=Hair drying method: towel it, then let dry in a bun a little so its wavy when i take it out
=Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? i dont remember a time that i didnt lol
=What colors has your hair been? oh god, the list is too long to remember
=If that fountain of youth existed, would you drink from it? not sure
=Do you paint your nails? yeah, all the time

=Do you swear? fuck yeah!
=Do you ever spit? ew no

=Actor: umm... wow this never used to be hard. i guess james marsters ans david duchovny..and scott foley:)
=Band: flickerstick, nine inch nails...some more i cant remember
=Foods: italian and greek
=Month: december, hands down
=Day: friday and sunday
=Cartoons: spongebob squarepanta
=Shoe Brands: umm no brand hehe just boots..the platform kind not the cute kind (blegh)
=Subjects in school: nglish and math :) only the last semester hehe
=Color: black, red and blue
=Person to talk to online: i dont talk to people much anymore
=Sport: ew none
=Body part on/in you: my eyes and my feet
=Movie: ugh i dunno, i'm tired of this question
=Holiday: christmas, thanksgiving and halloween
=Magazine: ym lol
=Vacationing Spot: washington dc or by the shore
=Things To Do In The Summer: street fairs!! walks on the boardwalk during a sunset
=Things To Do In The Winter: cuddling up my a fire with hot chocolate and candy canes
=Perfume or Cologne: cool water by davidoff
=TV Station: way too many yo

=The CD Player: tracy bonham
=Person you talk most on the phone with: i dont talk on the phone
=Ever taken a cab? many many times
=Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors? and hate what i see
=What color is your bedroom? white
=Do you use an alarm clock? yeah
=Name one thing you are obsessed with: love
=Ever sunbathed nude *outside*? nope
=Window, seat or aisle? Window

=What's your sleeping position? stomach even though my boobs get in the way a little
=Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? yeah, its a problem i have lol.
=Do you snore? no but i breath loud
=Do you sleepwalk? no
=Do you talk in your sleep? hehe no
=Do you sleep in a race car? uhhh...ok
=How about with the light on? no i hate light when i am trying to sleep, unless i am scared
=Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on?no

=What is the nicest thing a girl/ guy could do for you? be there always, even when i am feeling my worst
=What is the first thing you notice when you look at a girl/ guy? eyes, hair, smile
=What do you think of cheating? i dont cheat and i cant...i guess thats the joy of an open relationship
=Makeup. Should we wear it or not? wear it dude, its a wonderful thing.

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