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things i did this week...

sunday was a pretty good day. we went to dunkin donuts in the morning and just hung out. it was really nice out. then later on we were gonna see star wars on the imax. we get there and its raining, and we realized that my sister had the wrong times for the movie, so we decided to go see something else. we went to barnes and noble for a while and then we went back to the east side, and went to see jackass. it was funny as fuck.

then monday i went to the flickerstick concert. it was great but by the end i felt so sick that i thought i was going to have to leave. i was about to cry and i just wanted to collapse. yeah...loads of fun.

tuesday i had therapy, it went ok but i didnt really want to go. thursday i went to my psyciatrist and he was so rude and disgusting with me. he just said one thing after another that completely hurt my feelings. i dont understand how people can get a license to be a psychiatrist if they know NOTHING about depression. what a fucking asshole....then i went to my parents house and that just made me feel worse. they dont even care about me. i feel so betrayed by them. i wish i never had to go there.

so then today i am just sitting around doing nothing as usual. this morning vito and i talked about some things. like how much i love him and how he just loves me, but not a lot. that made me feel great. then he was talking about how he cant be with the same person always again. like he knows he is going to leave me. and all i want is to be with him always. why would i think otherwise anyway. maybe i am just dreaming.

and now my computer is getting all fucked up on me but i cant fix it cause my driver is broken. great. i love my fucking life.

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