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happy turkey day!!!

So happy thanksgiving everyone. hopefully it will be happy. i am leaving tonight to go to my grandmas house with my family, and vito, who doesnt want to makes me sad but atleast he is going. i cant wait to be there. hopefully things will be better there. this week has been pretty much bad. like i was ready to kill myself bad, but i figured id stick it out till the holidays.
monday we saw a free preview of eight crazy nights. it was so rude at the beginning and kinda boring, but then it got really cute and even a little sad. it ended up being a good movie. maybe not worth $10, but we saw it for free so it was cool enough. then we went to mcdonalds and all kinds of bad things happened...that i dont want to talk about.

so today i want to go to see them blowing up the balloons and go to dunkin donuts. but vito doesnt want to go of course. he never wants to go..anywhere. its like a struggle. and then he always feels better. so why be mad at me? just relax. ugh whatever. hopefully this will be a good vacation.

wish me luck...

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