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and again

so i realized that yesterday i hardly wrote about anything that happened during break. i realized that i dont write enough memory stuff down, and i want to remember everything, good or bad...

so we went to jersey on wednesday night. vito almost didnt want to go cause all day i was kinda upset and he got mad at me cause i was crying and upset. so then he wasnt talking to me much and told me that he couldnt do this anymore. But i feel like i hear that like everyday, and iknow he doesnt mean it. i told him i wanted him to come anyway. so my parents came and we packed up the car and left. on the ride there we talked about stuff and prettymuch worked everything out. when we got there, we ate diner and hung out a bit.

thanksgiving was fun. i woke up early to watch the parade. everyone woke up after me. we just hung around all day making diner. we watched the buffy marathon. i wanted to watch more of the xfiles marathon but my sister kinda took over the tv. my moma nd i went a shopping a little to get stuff we needed. we had such a great thanksgiving diner. vito said he was thankful for me :)

the nest day we went shopping. i got stuff from hot topic, and delias. i felt bad for spending money since we dont have any, but my mom bought a lot of the stuff so it was cool. we also finally got food so we dont have to eat like grapes for diner.

i slept in the living room with vito for most of the time. my grandma didnt mind. she likes him :) the last night we were there, we went out to look at the stars. it was kinda cloudy but he showed me orion and the stars around it. i love being with him. he was so nice this weekend. i didnt want to leave. i dont want things to change.

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