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yay fro christmas!!!

so i said id write about last wednesday, and i am finally getting around to it...hahahaha.

first we went to therapy because we missed it on tuesday.we were just too tired. so it went well, and after we went to mcdonalds. we talked about time travel for like an hour (i know i am right hehe) and then we decided to go to the tree lighting at rockafellar center. i knew we were going too late and probably wouldnt get to see the tree at all. so we get there and there are so many people, and cops all around. we went to one side and couldnt see a single thing, so we went to the other side. they said they werent letting in people beyond the point we were at, so it was totally a waste if we stayed there cause we wouldnt see anythin. so we were ready to leave. then Vito noticed these two girls sweet talking this cop. apparently he was going to let them in and go all the way to the front with him. As the cop was leading them through the baracades, Vito pulled me too follow! I was so scared!!! so we followed them in. this cop stopped us along the way and i thought for sure we were dead. but vito just pointed to the girls and told him we were with them, and this other cop was like"yeah they are with him!" it was sooo funny! so we got all the way to the front!!!! then we just stood there outside the baracade cause we couldnt get further. this cop told us we couldnt stand there and we had to go. we were just like please!!we got pushed out!!! so he let us in the baracade and we were set!!! it was sooooo scary and so cool! We could see the entire tree! and there was this big tv showing the performances. we stood there from 7pm to 9pm in the freesing cold. but it was soo amazing. we saw michelle branch, sheryl crow, brian setzer and other people. Vito was so great and sweet. he cuddled with me and kissed me, which he never does in public. it just felt so nice. it felt so real. i truly felt like it was christmas time. when they lit the tree it was amazing!!! it was like glittering and then soo many beautiul colored lights came on. it was the most beautiful experience!!! i felt so loved!!!

yesterday we went to see a free screening of just married. it was a really cute movie. it was good to be out of the house lol. now i am working on 2 new websites lol. they are coming along quit nice :) i'll share when i am done. have you seen my other??

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