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poop is poop spelled backwards

stolen from harry :)

[ x ] Spell your first name backwards - allisc hehe
[ x ] The story behind your livejournal user name - brandins the dude from flickerstick. the lead singer yum...and i am his babe.
[ x ] Are you a lesbian - half lesbian :) or bisexual rather
[ x ] Where do you live - New York, NY
[ x ] 4 words that sum you up - creative, different, sad, romantic
[ x ] Wallet - black leather chain wallet...lost the chain. ive got pictured of my loved ones and cards to save the duane reade discount card hehe
[ x ] Hairbrush - pink comb hehe
[ x ] Toothbrush - red
[ x ] Stuff worn daily - my rings, bracelets, watch, earrings and various other jewelry
[ x ] Pillow cover - light blue and dark blue
[ x ] Blanket - i'm using vito's blanket, its like this weird navajo looking design.
[ x ] Coffee cup - plain black, at home i have an xfiles one.
[ x ] Sunglasses - black i think.
[ x ] Underwear - different style bikini panties
[ x ] Shoes - platform black or my black chuck taylors
[ x ] Bag - i got lots. i like my black sparkly one
[ x ] Favorite top - its black and has red fishnet sleeves with the shoudlers cut out. i havent worn it yet cause i am saving it for a special time. hehe
[ x ] Cologne/Perfume - cool water
[ x ] CD in stereo right now - nine inch nails mix cd
[ x ] Tattoos - 4
[ x ] Piercings - 8 in ears, eyebrow, tongue
[ x ] What you are wearing now- my pj's white tshirt and grey pants
[ x ] Hair - black with red streaks, tips and bangs
[ x ] Makeup - none right now
WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)
[ x ] In my mouth - yoohoo
[ x ] In my head - sound of general hospital
[ x ] Wishing - we could do something fun right now. or that i had enough energy to go take a shower
[ x ] After this - dunno
[ x ] Talking to - vito
[ x ] Eating - chocolate with rasberry filling
[ x ] Fetishes - platform shoes and colorful makeup. hehe
[ x ] If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason - Mary...cause she is mary
[ x ] Person you wish you could see right now - josh
[ x ] Is next to you - no one
[ x ] Some of your favorite movies - american beauty, seven, my first mister, return to me
[ x ] Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ x ] The last thing you ate - potatoes and chicken
[ x ] Something that you are deathly afraid of - scary kids and spiders
[ x ] Do you like candles - i loooooove them
[ x ] Do you like hot wax - sometime hehe
[ x ] Do you like incense - yep
[ x ] Do you like the taste of blood - mmmmmm yeah
[ x ] Do you believe in love - oh yes
[ x ] Do you believe in soul mates - i'm not sure
[ x ] Do you believe in love at first sight - NO i its more like LUST at first site. you cant love someone just by seeing them. thats so superficial.
[ x ] Do you believe in Heaven - no, not at all
[ x ] Do you believe in forgiveness - i try
[ x ] Do you believe in God - no way dude
[ x ] What do you want done with your body when you die - i just want to be burried
[ x ] Who is your worst enemy - mary
[ x ] If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be - a kitten or a little monkey
[ x ] What is the latest you've ever stayed up - does more then 24 hours count?
[ x ] Ever been to Belgium - uh no
[ x ] Can you eat with chopsticks - a little
[ x ] What's your favorite coin - what a dorky question. fuck this.
[ x ] What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to - buffalo, washington dc, chicago, boston, i like nyc
[ x ] What are some of your favorite pig out foods - macaroni and cheese, doritos, any chips, cookies, mcdonalds
[ x ] What's something that you wish people would understand - my depression and other mental problems
[ x ] What's something you wish you could understand better - myself and why people do the things you do
[ x ] Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time - josh, andrea, heather.
[ x ] What's one thing you want to make happen for tomorrow -i wish i could make myself be happy. i want to go out and do fun things with vito

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