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Happy Birthday Vito!!!!

My draggy!
I got my draggy at!!!
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today was an awsome day. it was vito's birthday!! i wanted to make it so special cause i know he doesnt like birthdays. we went to eat breakfast at a diner which was cool. then we slept for a while cause we went to bed at like 5 in the morning!!

so we went to my parents house when we woke up. i got dressed really nice :) we went over and i gave him his presents. i got him a really nice dress shirt with a blue tie and a blue sweater. my parents got him a nice black belt, a black turtleneck shirt and black pants. hehe i like him in black. he was soooo happy to get all of them. i knew he needed all that!! then we went to outback steakhouse for dinner. we had a really fun time. the food was great and we were all happy. on the way home we got a cake cause vito was too tired to celebrate, so we are gonna do the cake later, and i still have to give him his card. we were going to see star trek:nemesis for his birthday, but we decided to do that tomorrow. he told me that he had a wonderful birthday and i made it really nice for him. and i got him the best present that anyone had ever gotten him for his birthday. i could just see that he was so happy and that made me feel really good that i could do that for him :)

happy birthday sweetie!!!!!! :)

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