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*chloroform the one you love*

Today has been a blah day. I made a bunch of Flickerstick wallpapers last night. i'm gonna put them on my page maybe tomarrow or later today, depending on if my dad steals the computer again.:/ hehe . i really miss Flickerstick. I was just thinking, the next time i get to see them on tour, people will aready be so into them . and all those little teenyboppers will be around. It just wont be the same. and it will be harder to talk to them and just hang out with them like this time. that sux. so thats what i have been stressing about all day. I really miss my Fletcher. Tomarrow we are going to some shakespeare in the park thing, but the play isnt even by him. But Natalie Portman is gonna be in it. I dont really liek her that much but my sister does. i guess it will be cool. Right now i am debating on going to see Final Fantasy or not...hmmm....

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