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this could be heaven

so whatever. i am trying to get over the stupid josha nd andrea thing. i guess what did i expect right? and vito and i made up for arguing that night about it, so thats all that matters.

yesterday we went to counceling with my parents. i was sooo nervous that i felt like i was starting to get sick, but it actually went ok. we talked things out and got into some issues that needed to be discussed. i hope they understand about the financial stuff now. afterwards we went back to my parents house and ate diner there while we watched buffy. it was a pretty cool episode. then we started to watch lord of the rings, which i always refused to watch because it could ahve been a good movie but all those famous actors cheapened it. so i guess i watched half and it was ok. it was pretty boring for about an hour or so. i almost left but decided to stick it through. i guess tomorrow i am gonna go back to watch the rest.

my mom gave me all kinda of christmas stuff so now i am gonna go decorate my room :)


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