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yes i am finally going out tonight. Vito, Lily and i are going to the batcave. we will have fun. i dont care what anyone says :p so Lily is comming over in a bit and we are gonna get all gothed up and ready to go. vito is being grumpy about it but we are gonna make him have fun and he will enjoy it!! i am excited to see Lily. i'm nervous about going though, too many people. ugh. and we might be meeting some of her friends from lj. although i am doing better than usual with the anxiety stuff. maybe cause i am just trying to focus on the fun so bad.

i'm missing my sisters concert though :( that sucks. but lily is only gonna be here one night. and i really want to go clubbing. especially a goth club. its like everything i want all in one, with my fav people!!!

vito's mom sent us a christmas present yesterday. it was so cool. i got perfum, bubble bath and these amazing candles. it was so sweet of her. she got vito two sweaters and some monty python tapes. we have to return one of them though cause he already has it. i remember how much vito wanted to show me those movies when we first started going out. how he wanted to do so much with me...

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