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last night

i had lots of fun last night. the music was awsome, the bands were great. it felt so good to dance again. i miss going to goth clubs so much. it was really nice to see Lily and dance with her and stuff. i felt nervous at first but i got comfortable after a short while. Vito was trying to have a good time but he was kinda grumpy about it and stuck on too many other things. i wish he would just let go. well i had fun anyway. it was just hard to enjoy it when i knew he didnt.

when we came home we got pizza and talked a little. it ended up being a good night. he tucked me into bed :) i just wish he still slept with me. i miss him so much. but i know he needs his space.

so nw i feel like going clubbinh again so bad. there is this place with no cover, maybe i'll go there!

last night i ha this amazing dream that i had a girlfriend. she was so amazing. i dont remember all of it, just that we had a lot of fun. then something happened and she left. and i was in this place that i couldnt leave so i couldnt go find her. i was at my grandmas house and i was desperately searching for her number. then somehow i ended up in her house, but i was a different person so she didnt know it was me. weirdness.but goodness too.

well i'm off to another boring night...

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