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*Lift up your head*

This weekend was amazing. lol i still cant get into the flickerstick stuff cause i am trying to remember it perfectly. but it was the best experience of my entire life. i think i am really happy now. like i feel a true happyness in me. And it was all cause of Flickerstick. so I thank them for my life. And Fletcher....ahh, just to have his arms around me, reassuring me...and Dominic too. He asked me for a hug! lol ok so more about that next time LOL. =)

sunday was a totally cool day. I woke up at like 3 cause the night before me josh and andrea stayed up and talked all night again. lol, this cant be good for our health at all. hehe. So Sunday we went to Tops and got a $5 pizza. very cool. We got some really cool Smoothies. josh is such a sugar addict even though he cant have it. its so cute. Oh first we went to wallmart and got stuff. Andrea is gonna get a cat in her room. Josh friend thinks its cool and Josh RA is pretending notto know about it. lol the split personalities of Josh =) I got some stuff, and the Spin magazine with Kurt Cobain on the cover.

so yeah, we ate our pizza and hung out. We shopped for like a million ours and had an awsome time. it was really great. Then we came back home and just hung out more. I love these guys. They are like my family now. I am so glad I found them.

Yesterday we tasted Josh's soymilk. Andrea is like"this tastes like...pancake mix!" lol we were laughing so hard. then we broke out Josh's belnder and made a smoothie with like various college stuff we had. lol it tasted weird but good. hehe. Then we just talked for hours after that. we always do that and have sucha great time!

I saw my therapist today. We talked about home a little and the thing on tuesday which i cant talk about anymore. It was so good to see her again. It was reassuring. So she says she doesnt need to see me every week, just check in with me every month. I'm so happy that stuff is going right. I just wish i would stop stressing!!!!

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