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suuuurvey time - color coded!!

1. What is love? love is a deep connection between two people. one you cant fight or try to get out of. love is friendship and trust, caring and kindness. knowing that you would die for this person.
2. Name 3 things you feel very passionate about. vito, art stuff-painting, singing,music, photography, creativity. and gothness. anything dark or goth related.
3. Does fire fascinate you? oh yes, very much
4. Do you have a short temper? yep. it sucks
5. Are you a friend to dragons? yup. i have a dragon tattoo as well.
6. Are you very warm hearted? yeah. sometimes unfortunately
7. Do you feel intense emotions? oh god yes. make them go away!!!

8. Are you bright? bright as in colored? no. bright as in smart? kinda
9. Are you energetic? not really
10. What are the three most wholesome things you've done lately? wrote stuff, had christmas with my family, and new years too. umm...i cant think of a third. i am not a very wholesome person.
11. Is vibrance a good characteristic to have? i guess. it depends on what kind though...
12. Are you rich in self confidence? no fuckin way
13. Are you rich in vitamin c? yup. i looove that orange juice
14. Is lala orange your favorite rainbow bright character? no

1. Are you a very happy person? no, not at all
2. Do you like the sun? not really
3. Do you ever feel utter and complete joy? uh only during sex
4. Do you feel like the volume in your life is all the way up? nope. its way down low
5. Do you get a warm feeling when you hug people? depends on the person
6. If you were a care bear would you be cheer bear? ew no way. cheeryness is so gross.
7. Are you lemon scented? haha no.

8. Are you incredibly lucky? no way
9. Are you easy going? yeah i guess
10. Are you very mischievious? yeah
11. Are you very lusty/sexy? i try to be
12. Ever find a four leafed clover? nope
13. Are you fresh like mint? fresh maybe but not like mint
14. Does nature speak to you? yeah, its connected to everything

1. Do you love to look at water? yeah, i love water
2. Are you calm/relaxed? not most of the time
3. Is it very difficult to upset you? no, its very easy actually
4. Are you at peace? no :(
5. Are you comforting? always
6. Are you well balanced? haha thats a funny joke. i wish i was so bad...
7. Are you content? no. i hate my life

8. Are you royalty? i wish
9. Are you very free spirited? if i had the chance
10. Are you a conceited ass? haha no. maybe i should be
11. Do you have a passion for indulgence? yup
12. Are you decadent? oooh i hope so
13. Are you a grape? ew i hate grapes
14. Are you a purple horseshoe? what a stupid question..

1. Are you less than intense? i am totally intense
2. Are you incredibly femminine? not at all. i could be a boy...with a lot of makeup hehe

1. Do you absorb everything possible? i try to
2. Are you incredibly energetic? no way yo
1. Do you reflect every color? only when i am showing my gay pride
2. Are you incredibly pure? hahahahahaha very far from it.

1. Are you expensive? nope.
2. Are you worth it? not really. i kinda just waste space.

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