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well well well, i slept all day. i went to bed at 3pm though so thats ok. last night we invited her over again, we were gonna get a movie but ended up having sex all night. it feels better with her. i really missed being with a girl. anyway, then we went to dunkin donuts for like 3 hours an played cards and ate a lot of donuts hehe.

then at 12 i had to go meet my dad so we could talk to some guy about our gym membership that we are getting for like 1 dollar since we are poor as fuck. that went ok.then my dad asked if i wanted to go eaat somewhere. i kinda didnt want to cause i figured it would be ackward, but it was pretty nice. we talked about stuff and i had a good time. then vito, who was at a job appointment, walked into the place we were at just by coincidence, so we sat there and talked a while. then we came home and went right to bed.

tomorrow we have therapy. havent been there for a while and i guess i just dont know what to talk about. i was thinking about where i was last year. it is the first day back at classes for UB. i remember that day. and the day after that i met vito in class, as my teacher hehe. this was also one of the worst times ever for me. i cant believe all this was a year ago. sometimes i wish i could go back and relive it, try to enjoy it more. but then maybe this would have never happened with vito... so maybe i should just shut up :)

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