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i'm enid

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lip piercing

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this quiz was made by the sunni bunni bear

today we were supposed to go see a movie. darkness falls. but we were late and we didnt get to see it. it was a free preview so we had to be there at a certain time. i'm glad we missed it though cause i didnt want to see it. i knew i would be sooo scared if i did. anyway we invited annie so now we were kinda stuck having to do something. we went to circuit city first cause vito needed more memory for his computer. we spent a long time there. then we saw this offer on the way out for some software vito really wanted that would be free with a mail in rebate. so that was like another half hour. annie was upset and i vito was bothered by it, and i was like fuck that, we invited her...she does what we do. hahaha. so we came back home and watched angel, southpark and the man show. then we just hung around...

now i am watching mad love. so sad but i love it. friday i am going to a suicidegirls party, until then i will be bored...

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