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sgny party

last night was amazing...i wonder how much of it i can write down today. well lets see. i was nervous going there but also very excited cause i have wanted to meet these people for a very long time. so i get there and there were a few people there. i stayed on one side of the room with vito cause i was still too nervous. so we had a few drinks and started socializing. there was a girl there, catherine, who was very outgong and friendly so she helped me get more comfortable. so i talked to her a lot, and her friends tamara and april, who were also very sweet. then we met my friend edea who i have been looking forward to meeting for so long. she is my favorite sg hehe. nic and raven were there too. catherine, tamara, and i were talking for a while and then tamara andme decided it would be a good idea to cut slits in my skirt cause it would be so sexy. then cathering starting feeling my legs and telling me how sexy they were. hehe

so after a while of us all drinking, we cranked up the music and started dancing. after a while we took catherines clothes off and we were dancing with her naked. she kept grabing me and pulling me into her. by that time i had such a crush on her. she kept grinding into me and like touching me. then vito, april and i started dancing together. it was so hot. so i danced with most of the girls and then i took a break walking around and talking to people. vito kept mixing drinks for me and him so i dont even know how much we really drank, but after the shot of Soco i was feeling a bit queesy. we took lots of pictures and had such an awsome time. i wanted catherine so bad though. i think she is my new crush. this was the most awsome party.

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