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let me burn you...

so today was pretty fun. i woke up late cause of yesterday. we called annie and we went over at like 11. we watched some tv and then the usual ensued. it was better then usual. i had lots of fun. she burned like 8 cds for me. if i had money i would buy them :( so now i am all awake and shit and i wont be able to sleep till like 12 probably cause my sleep schedule is so fucked up. well let me shut up then cause i am boring.

Here are some party pics from last night. these girls are my fav :)

me and edea dancin. wtf is that face for?

the beautiful people ;p

before we left the party

thats my back, and you can see vito. we are dancing the night away.

and yeah the money shot! its not mine so dont steal or i will kick your ass ;) katherine and edea my two most favorite girls. lots of love

haha the pics of me dancing with catherine will be up sometime, when i get enough money to develop my film...blah.

i wish i was beautiful. i wish i was like you.

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