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i hate being siiiccckkk!!!!

No Flickerstick update yet. lol I know i am totally keeping Izzy and Katie in suspense.....

Today was a really yucky day. I got sick last night and all day i have been a mess. So i took medicine and I feel like i am in the clouds. but tis not a good feeling. Whoever says its like getting high is lying casue i know what that feels like and its not like this. SO i went to math, which sucked so much balls that i wanted to die. The i just came home and went right to bed. i missed my second class casue i slept right through it. i got up in time to go to my other class though.
Then i got my Flickerstick pictures back. They came out SOOOOOO good! i cant wait to show everyone. oh god fletcher looks so good!!! My cory ones came out so dark though and the stupid security guard is in all the Cory ones casue he was standing infront of him like the whole time. But they are so awsome. yippee. so that was the only good thing. OH yeah! and i found out that they resschedules the 3 doors down concert for Oct. 1st so we are having it now!! YIPEEE!! i am so excited about that. Me and Andrea went to Olive garden and picked up a piece of the lasagna cake. that is that best in the whole world. if you havnt tried it. go out and try it. lol

Something really infuriated me today. All over the website on music stations like VH1 and stuff, there was this article about how they want to ban certain songs becasue of what happened last Tuesday. I have never been so mad at anything in my entire life. It is so hurtful that they feel they have the right to ban people from listening to music. Music to me is like air, and a lot of the songs on that list are what got me through this hard time! It is just rediculous to me that they would even think of this. I hate fucking people in charge of that crap. ugh , just thinking about it makes me sick so i have to stop talkin about it. I need to start a petition or something to stop this insanity. whos with me!?!?!??

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