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so he started up again today. same shit. so i told him fine, in august i'll go back to buffalo, there is no way i could go back to school though cause i would be too devastated and id have to i would have no way to pay, or get around... but i think that shut him up for a bit. but then we got to counceling and he was all sad about it i guess. we discussed it a little in there, which helped a lot. i think we should never talk about these things without becky. we are morons. lol anyway, when we got home everything was good. i tell him things will get better, we just have to stick by eachother through the hard parts too. you cant always just get the good. he forgets buffalo i think. he forgets a lot of things. anyway, we came home and ate, and watched buffy, then he went to bed. tomorrow he has to get up early to do a workshop thing again, and i have to go with my dad to get a digital camera. i am so excited to finally be getting it.

ive been talking to josh lately about stuff and hes been a big help. ive been thinking a lot lately about that whole thing, and i really miss him. i'm starting to have that feeling of how unfair it all turned out to be, again. then today he tells me he talked to ken...and that was like woah. i almost forgot how much i liked ken, how much he was in my heart. how much we shared with eachother. and how he would have been with me if it wasnt for him going away.

so now i am worried about money we dont have enough to pay for next months rent. how fun. like, what the fuck am i going to do? ugh. and my eyebrow ring is growing out...does anyone know if i can repierce it in the same spot or close to it?

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