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smoothies..... =)

Today prettymuch sucked. a lot. My roomate mary woke me up like 15 minutes earlier then i had to, she was crying her eyes out. She couldnt open her mouth casue her jaw was locked or something. tmj or something. Anyways, i didnt know what to do cause i have never seen that before. And she was just crying and crying. i felt so bad. So i told her to go talk to Josh, since he is the RA. so we went to wake up Josh and we felt so bad, but Josh didn't know what to do either. he just told her to go to the college doctor when the place opened. SO i talked to Joah a little after that casue i was like ahhhhhh!!! SO then i told Josh to go back to bed casue i felt bad, he didnt have to get up till like 10:30 and it was freakin 7:30am. SO i came back up to my room and told Mary to relax and put something hot on her jaw cause her muscles were all tense now. And then i went to class. Usuallu music theory is easy as hell for me but i just wasnt getting it today. I was just too high on dayquil or something. ugh. i hate not knowing music, thats the only thing i know....
So hmm, then what. Oh yeah, i slept the rest of the day. oops. lol well i hate that class anyways and we neever learn anything so it didnt matter that i missed it. I was sick anyways. Then i went to dinner wth Andrea and Josh and then we went to get fruit so we can make smoothies later. we are soo obsessed with smoothies now. It's all Josh's fault. him and his health food lol =) so yeah, I'm watching ER now, its so sad. and i am waiting for Josh to get off the phone with his girlfreind so we can get started on the Tomorrow has to be a better day. This is just starting to hurt too much.

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