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i hate bjork yo!

we talked to my parents yesterday and they decided to help us out with the money!! it was just too exciting. so now we have enough money for rent for a while, and they are gonna help pay for my half of the rent and bills and stuff. i know that will take so much pressure off of us. i know how caught up vito is in that so maybe now he will cool it a little. but its so great that they are doing this. we went out and celebrated last night :) it was ladies night at the bar so all the drinks were half priced. we had a few drinks and hung out with annie. we went to duane reade and i was kinda drunk and being lous. it was funny. and i made vito get me twix and chocolate chip cookies hehe. then we came back here and did the usual. by the end of the night vito was in so much pain though. so we just went to sleep. we woke up at 12 but vito went back to sleep. he will probably sleep for a while. i'm kinda tired too but i have a hard time falling back asleep. damn insomnia. i didnt take my meds last night though...

i'm thinking about going to buffalo again sometime soon. i miss it there so much and i just want to hang out with josh and andrea. they both live in the campus apartments though so i dont know how much room i'll have to stay there...i dunno. vito says that if he doesnt get a job by april he might have to move back there. and i am like "so we can get a place there together" but he just doesnt want to think about it. i think he just wants to go back to his moms place...and then what about me? i dunno. he says not to think about it now cause we are good with the money and its a long way away. but its not...i have to think of these things now. i worry about them every second of every love to go back to buffalo and live with him there. why couldnt we just do that.


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