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Yesterday vito came home and gave me a smiley face heart cookie. it was the cutest thing in the whole world. i can never eat it though cause its like such a seet present!! he already bought me my valentines things and he is hiding it from me hehe. i got his today. its one of those big hershey kisses and a really beautiful card :) i hope he likes it. he usually reads the cards i give him like 5 times hehe. i hope he gets me card for valentines day. <3 i got myself this really cool green eyeshadow. it looks really good. gotta love CVS hehe.

so today i had a gyno appointment. it took soooo long for them to get to me. so now i am gonna get the patch instead of pills, which is really cool cause you only need to remember it once a week. i always forgot mine and took them at random weird times hehe. then later i have a therapy appointment. i REALLY dont want to go. i dunno, its just one of those days. plus i was supposed to do this painting and i have been working on it slowely so its not finished.and i missed my psychiatrist appointment last week so she might be mad at me...well not mad, just like :what the fuck:

so now i am watching don't say a word, with the hottest brittany murphey, and it is raining outside. i love the rain. i love when the weather is like this. makes me happy.

(haha jen i told you id steal it)

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