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i really hate the new posting restrictions. i mean, i usually dont post more than 3 a day anyway, but just the fact that i know i cant really bugs me. this is my journal dude, i wanna write whenever i want!!!

Anyway i talked with andrea last night for a while, and that was nice cause i hardly ever talk to her online. i miss her so much...and josh. sometimes i wish i could go downstairs and meet them so we could go to the vending machines, or the dinng hall, or go to the mall together...i miss that so bad. and i miss being able to talk to them when i need them, just go down the hall to andreas room, or downstairs to bug josh and listen to music. i remember how fun that was. and now, who knows if i will ever have that again.

Tomorrow i might go to a party if i can talk vito into it. i cant really go without him, and he hardly ever wants to go anywhere. i might get to see catheine and tamara again. that will be fun! maybe more nakedness will ensue. tonight i might hang out with my sister cause my parents will be gone for a while. they have a family group meeting with becky, my therapist. its kinda weird but whatever. so me and my sister can hang out...maybe jensen??? hehe. now i might go to mcdonals, if i can talk myself into leaving the house. i went yesterday and this guys pushed me into the door and hurt my knee. now i have this big bruise. that really helped with my confidence of leaving the house.

sometimes i wish i was remembered...

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