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my computer is going completely nuts...its telling me the date is like january 2040. ok...

anyway, yesterday was mine and vito's 11 month anniversary. totally cool. so now begins the countdown to a year. i remember this time last year he was emailing me to go to lunch and stuff and he had just realized he was my math teacher. hehe. a year ago at the end of february was when i tried to kill myself too. very seriously that time. such good and bad all into one.

so today was a really great day. we woke up and watched cartoons, then we watched joe dirt which was actually really cute! i liked it a lot hehe. so that was nice, to just lay with vito for a while. with all work stuff he has been doing, i havent seen much o fhim the past few weeks. its nice, but i miss spending time with him a lot. so then he went to clean out his dresser for me cause he is gicing me some space on his side of the room for my clothes,which is very sweet :) i took pictures of him crawling around in the tinyest space between the dreser and his desk. very cute as always. After that we decided we were so hungry. i wanted to go hang out at dunkin donuts like we used to. he wanted to go to this restaurant but that was too fancy. so we went to subway to get sandwiches, then we went to dunkin donuts. i got a big icecream and then we played cards. i loved just being there with him and having fun. when we got home he was really tired so he went to sleep. he woke up at around 10 and we called annie to come over at 11 cause he wanted to fool around with we fooled around which felt so good cause i havent done it alone with him in like forever. annie came over and we ended up having sex like the whole night. i will pay for this today with so much soreness lol.

so yesterday was really a wonderful day. now its time to go to sleep since ints like 5am. i have the worst headache in the world, but i have vito sleeping right next to me, so that makes it all better... :)

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