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maybe this is all just in my head

i think i am sick :( my nose wont stop running but i hate taking medicine. it always puts me right to sleep and i dont really want to sleep the rest of the time. ive slept too much already.

this morning i went with vito to eat breakfast. that was nice. we havent done that in a while. then he had to go off to that workshop thing. i watched queer as folk all morning lol.

now i am starving to death, and kinda annoyed, at no one in general. vito just smoked some weird stuff, or rather cooked it then ate it. now he wants to do some hard drugs but i am just too tired. ive just been drinking mudslides for like lunch and diner lately. that stuff will turn me into an alcoholic cause its so good. hehe.

so valentines day is slowely approaching, and i wanna do something cool and fun. i think annie wants to tag along but there is no way that is happening. she needs to get her own boyfriend. anyway, i wanna go out someplace nice but i dont know where. and i need to make reservations soon cause valentines day is always booked.


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