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i hope this works

this is me and vito, earlier this month :) a certain beautiful someone doesnt feel comfortable with me posting pics cause he doesnt want certain people to have them, so if you download this pic onto your computer, i will kill you lol. seriously.

so last night went ok. i had fun hanging out with vito and helping him with his work stuff. we went to bed at 5:30am, so vito didnt go to his workshop. I couldnt sleep though cause the bed was so uncomfortable. so i begged vito to go home with me. we folded up the laundry and came home. i slept a little, then we went to duane reade to get some stuff like shampoo and lotion, and chocolate lol. we came back and watched buffy & smallville. both were pretty good. vito was pretty tired so he went to bed, but he said he felt lovey and wanted to be in bed with me. we fooled around a little and then he went to sleep. now i am watching stuff on tv and eating chocolate. i have the worst cramps ugh. tomorrow i have therapy. yuck. i wish we could go to starbucks again like last week. that was so much fun. we just hung out after therapy and drank coffee and talked, and ate a frog cookie hehe.

but now we have no money...maybe i can talk him into it...:)

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