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ok forsome reason my computer wont let me access livejournal, so now i am on vito's computer. blah. this sucks. it better fix itself cause this and suicidegirls arelike the main things i do on the computer.

anyway, today was a pretty good day. i woke up kinda late cause i dunno, iwas sick or depressed or something. so vito's mom and sister came to nyc today to visit. i got up and got ready cause vito went to meet them for lunch but then they called me and told me to come meet them. We ate at Foccacia's which is this cute italian restaurant. my pasta was good and the lemonade was soooo good too. then we decided that we were gonna do that bus tour around nyc but it was at 5:30 and it was already 5, plus we had to get to 48th aand 8th ave, so i didnt think we would make it, but we tried anyway. so we got in a cab and the cav driver was super nasty cause we had to make a stop at our house. it was rush our so we got to like 59th street and it was already like 5:30 so we were like forget it. so we got out and vito's sister needed a bathroom anyway, so we went to FAO Shwartz. we hung out there for a while and looked around. then we went to Tiffany's and looked at all the jewelry and the engagement rings. they were all soooo pretty. i picked out my favorite one hehe. but everything there is so expensive. there was a ring there for like a million dollars. after that we kept walking. we stopped off at the trump towers, and then we went to st. patricks cathedral. i was getting kinda tired of walking around at that point, but it was cool to shoe his mom around. then we went to rackafellar center and that was really pretty so i kinda forgot about my tiredness. we watched the iceskaters for a while. vito was getting tired and his feet hurt, so we decided we would find a cafe or something to rest in. we went into rockafellar plaza and we were heading downstairs when these people stopped us and asked if we wanted to go see a show at the nbc studios. so we said yes and we went to see the phil donahue show. at first i was like "oh god this is gonna be so boring" cause it was this old guy and it was this news show on msnbc, but it ended up being pretty interesting, and it was a live show so that was cool. afterwards, vito had to go to the bathroom so we walked a little and went to the variety cafe. we went to the bathroom and then we got hot chocolate and stuff. vito's mom wanted to go on a carriage ride but we ended up not going, and we wanted to get back so we could see if we were on tv or not. so we waited for a cab for soooooooooooo long and then we just ended up taking a bus back. we got here and we watched the show but they didnt show us at all. they showed my rainbow scarf though.. yeah pride!!! hehe. that was pretty fun when we all just sat around. then vito walked them back to their hotel. so i had a pretty fun day. i liked hanging out with them all. at first i was really nervouse and stuff, like how i get before i have to go interact with people. but then once i got there and i saw them, they were all so nice. i really like his mom and sister. they are so sweet and funny.

anyway, so today was good. then tomorrow we are gonna go on the tour bus thing, which should be fun. i hope i get some sleep tonight though. now i kinda want chocolate so i am gonna go look for some...:)

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